As competitors and supporters of endurance races, your voice is important. We all need to work together to make sure that policymakers understand that endurance events can operate safely.

Endurance races are barely visible on the government’s radar, so more than anything, we need your voice. Our goal is to let provincial leaders know that endurance sports are meaningful and important to Albertans. If they don’t know these events are important to you, they will be dismissed in policy decisions. 


  1. Write a positive letter to your MLA and the Government of Alberta explaining why it is important to reopen endurance sports. Copy and paste this prepared letter, write your own, or modify the existing text to include anything that is important to you. Make sure to UPDATE the information in BRACKETS to match your specific details.Consider adding:
    • What does participating in endurance sports mean to you?
    • How have endurance sports changed your life?
    • Do you feel confident that endurance events can be held safely?
    • Is it fair and equitable that many other businesses that allow informal gathering (ski resorts, shopping malls, big box stores) remain open while outdoor activities such as a race cannot?
  2. Find your MLA on this list. Also consider sending to the appropriate ministers, such as:
    • Hon. Tyler Shandro, the Minister of Health, Hon. Doug Schwitzer, the Minister of Jobs, Economy and Innovation, Hon. Leela Aheer, Minister of Culture, Multiculturalism, and Status of Women
  3. Send your letter by email or post. CC us if you can.
  4. Stay informed by signing up for our Facebook Group.
  5. Share your story and our website on social media using the hashtags #SaveOurSeason #SaveAlbertaRaces 


Alberta Ultra Racing Association

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